What our participants say:

Shana, mother of 3

 It is hard to believe I gained so much through just a few classes! I feel more prepared to deal with my kids.  It is more than just classes, it is joining  group of people wanting the same thing as you.  You will not regret taking the course! 

18 year old son of participant

 My father went to your course.  This is the first time I actually feel like I have a relationship with my father.  

It is amazing. 

Sara, high school teacher

 This course was incredible!  It helped me find ways to connect to my students and help pump up their self esteems.   

Miriam, mother of 4

I really recommend this class!  The techniques I learned have worked wonders getting my kids to do what they need to do.  

Chaya, mother of 3

I am more confident with my parenting choices.  I feel less guilty because I know how to act assertively with my kids instead of yelling, or threatening them. This learning has changed my life!

A.G. father of 1

After taking with course I say with confidence that every teacher should be required to take this course before working with children.

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Dates:  Each of the seven sessions will be on 

Motzei Shabbosos beginning October 20th.  

See schedule below. 
Time:  8:15pm-10:30pm 

Cost: $200 per individual, $300 per couple.  

Limited scholarships available.  

 Schedule For Upcoming Workshop Spring 2019

Each session will be on Wednesday Evenings,  8:15pm-10:30pm 

1.   Wednesday May 1, 2019, 26 Nissan

2.  Wednesday May 8, 2019, 3 Iyar

3.   Wednesday May 15, 10 Iyar 5779

4.   Wednesday May 22, 17 Iyar

5.   Wednesday May 29,  24 Iyar

6.   Wednesday June 5, 2 sivan

7.   Wednesday June 12, 9 sivan

Seats are extremely limited so reserve now!

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